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Air-Conditioning Energy Assessments

In Early 2007 the Department for Communities and Local Government, Introduced the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive and the Energy Performance of Buildings (Certificates & Inspections) (England and Wales) Regulations 2007.

Part of the requirement for this directive is the need for air conditioning energy assessments to be performed on all properties with air conditioning systems over 12kW by 4 January 2011. This inspection certificate will then be valid for 5 years. The trigger for air conditioning systems inspections is the size (effective rated output) of the system not the type of building and so the measures apply to homes, commercial and public buildings.

Air conditioning is renowned as being the component of the building fabric which takes the largest amount of the total energy consumed by the building. i.e. generally over 40% of total electrical power consumed for the property. Therefore, targeting air conditioning and having your system inspected by an Energy Assessor is designed to improve efficiency and reduce the electricity consumption, operating costs of the system, and total carbon emissions for the building.

Energy inspections will highlight improvements to the operation of your existing systems or opportunities to replace older, less energy efficient systems or oversized systems with new energy efficient systems. As the replacement of refrigerant is restricted in older systems (as established under other legislation), there is an additional incentive to improve or replace older systems with more modern energy efficient units.

Building owners and managers who control air-conditioning systems have statutory obligations and duties of care in the operation and maintenance of air-conditioning systems. This energy inspection is in addition to the normal activities associated with the ownership and operation of air-conditioning systems. Inspection, maintenance and cleaning programmes maintain the ability of the system to provide healthy and comfortable environments for building occupants, limiting the escape of refrigerant gases and ensuring the safety of equipment. The practices and procedures needed to achieve these aims should be applied more frequently than the assessment for energy efficiency.

MY Energy Ltd, have the relevant skills, expertise and qualification to provide this inspection service. This inspection will be done by an accredited energy assessor and will include an assessment of the system efficiency, a review of the sizing and advice on improvements or replacements and alternative solutions. The Assessment will also be registered on the Landmark website, ensuring that you and your property fully complies with the directives set out by the Dept. of CLG.


If you would like an electronic copy of the CLG Guide email us for detailsĀ

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